Samantha Parks

Samantha Parks “Bulls Daughter” is an avid lover of all creative forms of expression (particularly music and movement). She began dancing as a toddler, found her knack for music in elementary school, joined theatre in college and fell in love with yoga during her early 20’s shortly after deciding to pack up and move- on her own- from the midwest to California. She’s extremely passionate about soaking up knowledge, following her hearts desires, and exploring the freedom of individual expression. After becoming an educator of various artistic mediums over the past five years (in addition of becoming a Power Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin Yoga instructor), Sam has found that part of her purpose in this lifetime is heavily linked to the joy she has found in inspiring and uplifting her students and others who surround her. She continuously aspires to keep her classes balanced between incorporating constant room for growth, self expression, humility, food for thought and comedic relief. A firm believer in authenticity, Sam strives to incorporate a hybrid of the what she loves most into her classes as a Yoga instructoir such as: singing, dancing, acrobatics, body awareness, theatrics and theming.