40 Days of Lent: A time to Connect

Try a 40day chain link to remind you of your practice.

The Lenten Season, is a powerful time of the year. These 40 days (Ash Wednesday, Feb 10th – Easter, March 27th) are a time of self-examination and self reflection. It is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your Higher power and bring change into your life! During the next 40 days many Christian and Catholics, practice abstinence, increase their prayer and connection with God. However, you do not have to be of a certain religious faith to practice Lent. You can give up something, or take on a new practice, or volunteer your time.

There is a Universal energetic support from the millions of people around the world who are also practicing Lent, and who are also creating powerfully in their lives. This type of group consciousness is a powerful force that can catapult your connection with God, Universal Consciousness, Self, Family, as well as manifest your intentions.

What have you been meaning to let go of but just couldn’t do it? A few extra pounds? Smoking? Sugar? Negative words? What would make a big difference in your life if you abstained for the next 40 days? Write it down and commit to it, read it every day…and tell some one that you are doing it! Allow yourself to be supported by a friend or family member. Even post it on Facebook, human nature and our ego are more likely to follow through if we know that someone knows what we are up to.

Recommended reading during your 40 day Lenten Practice

What would you like to take on as a new practice? Have you always wanted a daily prayer or meditation practice? a daily yoga practice? how about a daily gratitude journal?  What would make a big difference in your life if you started practicing something important to you?  It’s easy to say, “i don’t have enough time.” However, this is only for 40 day, so maybe you can cut back on your TV time or commit to getting up a little earlier. Also taking on volunteering is a generous practice that helps others as well as brightens your day too!

The power of Integrity will keep you going. When you complete the 40 days, you will feel good about yourself knowing that you kept your commitment to yourself and your Higher Power. Please don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or aren’t “perfect” over the 40 days; this is not a practice of self sabotage. It is a practice of becoming more aware of the Holy Spirit that resides all around us, that supports us and it is also a practice of self love as well. Rededicate yourself to the principles and ideals that fill your soul. Find your path that will lead you to inner freedom and awareness by practicing with the millions of your soul brothers & sisters around the world, the practice of Lent.