The Final Pose: Savasana

The end of class will always conclude with the final yoga pose Savasana (shah-VAHS-anna) or Corpse Pose. This is a simple supine position, laying flat on your back with the back of your hands resting on the floor about 6-12 inches away from your hips. Your feet are either hip distance apart or wider – whatever […]

Easy Pose: May Not be so “Easy”

Sitting Cross-Legged: Easy Pose May Not be so “Easy” Benefits: Calms the brain, strengthens the back, stretches the knees. For those new to yoga, a common beginner yoga pose is, Easy Pose (Sanskrit name is Sukhasana). This yoga pose is also known as sitting cross-legged and is not always as “easy” as it looks. Many […]

40 Days of Lent: A time to Connect

The Lenten Season, is a powerful time of the year. These 40 days (Ash Wednesday, Feb 10th – Easter, March 27th) are a time of self-examination and self reflection. It is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your Higher power and bring change into your life! During the next 40 days many Christian and Catholics, […]

Seva Yo’ Soul

I am writing this post because today is “Giving Tuesday” a Global day of awareness dedicated to “giving.” Yes, we can give money to those in need – great cause; we can give away our old used stuff – sorta great cause (we don’t want it anyway); we can give a meal to a homeless […]

Resist Not!

“What could be more futile, more insane than to create inner resistance to something that already is?” E. Tolle What could be more futile, more insane than to create inner resistance to something that does not exist? (past or future). Oftentimes we are so worried about something that may happen, or dwell and regret about […]

Natural Ways to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Is your mat starting to get a little aromatic? Do you fear child’s pose? Is it time for the practice of “saucha” (cleanliness)? Finding a product that keeps your mat clean and free of bacteria can be a challenge; as well as finding a product that doesn’t use harsh chemicals. Which one is right for […]

Walking Through Change

When we begin our yoga practice, we go through physical, mental and sometimes spiritual changes. And as we are changing, so is our life …for the seemingly good….and the seemingly not so good. Challenges in our personal lives is a natural part of life. Coming to yoga class during these challenges can help provide insights […]