Class Descriptions

BEGINNER BASICS: in this class you will learn the fundamental understanding of your body – including abilities and limitations – yoga breath and beginning postures (asanas) will be taught. Beginner poses such as Warrior 1 & 2, Triangle Pose, Tree Pose, Cat Cow and a basic introduction to a sun salutation will be taught.

BEG/INTERMEDIATE:  This class takes Beginner Basics and adds a few challenging poses and some sun salutations, core work and opportunities to take simple poses a bit deeper. Beginners welcome.

FLOW LEVEL 1:  This practice is an introduction to the powerful practice of Vinyasa Flow. It is an introductory class, and some yoga experience is recommended. This class connects breath with movement, brings focus and intention to your practice. Class includes multiple sun salutations that can be modified for your ability level. Advanced students welcomed, as teacher can also provide more challenging modifications. Class will include various versions of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A & B), arm balances, and inversions.

FLOW LEVEL 1-2 – This practice will progress into a nice, challenging Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa is a seqence of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling – also known as Sun Salutations. Advance your practice with poses including (but not limited to) twisted triagle, tree pose with toe stand, head stand, hand stand, scissors and shoulder stand/plow.

FLOW LEVEL 2-3 – This class is for students who have and experienced yoga practice. This Vinyasa Flow class will bring practitioners to a new level of strength, focus and surrender.  In addition to warming Sun Salutations, class will include advanced poses such as advanced arm balances, advanced twists, inversions…and much more!

GENTLE  YOGA:  Calming on body and mind.  Heal your body with slow-easy movements and beginning poses. All levels and ages are welcome to this slow moving, gentle practice. Participants will experience a calming, healing atmosphere while breathing and allowing their body, their stress and their busy mind to release through this gentle practice. Many postures done on the floor, with minimal poses standing.

KIDS YOGA: Kids learn age-appropriate yoga poses, fun yoga games and breathing techniques that help them focus, calm themselves and fall asleep. Children will learn various poses that will help them with different life situations like how to handle stress using the breath, how to use Lion’s breath to release anger and other useful tool to bring yoga to their life. Fun atmosphere with instructor specifically trained to work with children.

KUNDALINI  YOGA:  The “yoga of awareness” is a melding of yoga postures, mantra, mudra and meditation for healing. This practice opens your heart, builds strength and aids in releasing energy at the base of the spine (Kundalini).  Health, vitality and well-being are a benefit of the release of Kundalini energy.  Expect to dance, jump, hold long poses, and breathe deeply and repeatedly – no two classes are the same! Each class has a specific intent and sequence of poses to promote healing.  All levels.

PARENT N’ ME: Yoga for parent with infant to baby to child! Join parents and babies as they play together while yoga class is in progress. Class flows with the spirit of the children in mind, taking breaks when needed, and bonding with baby. This is also a great opportunity to meet other parents with same-aged children.

RESTORATIVE: Gentle yoga class taught by candlelight. A great way to relax and unwind with deep breathing techniques, long holding postures using lots of props and support, and soundbath included!! Enjoy the bliss!