Crystal Rios

In 1997, Crystal, eRYT200, took her first yoga class at an Ashram in Denton, Texas where she studied Kundalini open eye meditation. Growing up as a dancer, she found that the asana practice took her to her roots. After her firstyoga retreat where she learned how to use a neti pot and was introduced to head stands, Crystal began a journey that would include many more retreats.

In 2009, Crystal found the Cloud Nine Yoga family and dove into the 200 hour teacher training at the Long Beach Branch. Without skipping a beat, she continued her training with Cloud Nine and attended the Bali Bliss Intensive teacher training with the intention of being a teacher trainer herself. After

completing the Advanced 500 hour training with Cloud Nine, she began attending every 200 hour teacher training at the Long Beach Branch as an assistant. Eventually, after finding the perfect business partner, she started her own branch of Cloud Nine Yoga and is currently teaching RYT200 trainings at FreeSpirit Yoga. Crystal teaches on Saturdays Beg Basics at 10 a.m. and PreNatal at 11:30.