Family Friendly Studio

We know that raising a family has its blessings as well as its challenges.  Families often are subjected to stresses from many sources. Family Life Magazine states, “In order to have healthy marriages and families, we must reduce the amount of stress in our lives, particularly if it’s at an overwhelming level.”  One way to reduce some of the stresses of life is to enjoy yoga a few times a week; this can make a true difference in the level of patience, calmness and improve collaboration of a family. That is why FreeSpirit Yoga supports our local families by providing Prenatal Yoga, Mommy n’ Me Yoga and Kids Yoga.

Prenatal Yoga – Moms-to-be love prenatal yoga! It promotes flexibility as well as strength in preparation for their labor and delivery. Breathing techniques are also taught to help decrease stress, and bring calmness to mom and baby.

Mommy n’ Me Yoga – Moms (and Dads) need  time to get their yoga in and find time to bond and play with their new 0- 24 mos. baby.  Mommy n’ Me class supports moms, baby and a yoga practice that brings them all together!

Kids Yoga – This is an excellent way to teach your children how to become aware of their breath (which brings them to the present moment), how to focus and it teaches them self confidence. Moms and Dads can take the adult classes downstairs while their child is taking Kids Yoga upstairs!