Growing our Yoga Practice: Grow Towards the Light

Have you ever seen a small blade of grass or plant that has grown through the crack in the cement? Despite all of the factors against that blade of grass, it found an opening and took it. It was determined to grown no matter what the circumstances, obstacles or dark days of summer.  Sometimes, we can become complacent in life, not reaching for the next challenge; we stop growing…especially in our yoga practice.  How we do our yoga practice is a direct reflection of how we do life.  I used to be afraid to take a more challenging class because I was afraid I couldn’t keep up and would be embarrassed. The great thing about yoga, is that the class takes place on my mat and in my heart….no where else! So I took harder classes, and took a break when I needed to. I slowly became stronger and stronger. That reflected out into my life; I learned to be stronger and when to take a break to take care of myself!!  How exciting!! I had to push through my fears…just like the blade of grass pushed through the cement; it wanted to — and needed to– grow towards the light. I want to — and need to — grow towards the light. My yoga practice is a vehicle that can bring me not only strength and flexibility, but also to more peace, more contentment and have a more spiritual outlook on life. I just need to persevere, surrender and breathe!