New Students – Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome! We are excited as you begin your yoga journey with us.  We want to give you just a few tips and tricks to make your yoga classes an amazing experience.

1. Do not eat 1.5-2 hours before class.

2. Do bring a yoga mat, closed bottle water, a small towel (We have yoga mats to borrow) Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.

3. Do not enter class more than 10 minutes after it has started, and do not leave during the final relaxation time (savasana). If you need to leave early, please let the teacher know

4. Avoid wearing fragrances during class, others may have a sensitivity or allergy.

5. Please refrain from speaking during your class, this is an inner practice. In our busy society, we are not used to silence or not speaking. However, silence brings more awareness to what is happening on your mat, and in your body.

6. Allow outside distractions – do not resist them. There are always distractions, (outside noise, someone sneezing, someone else’s practice) in yoga and in life. If we can allow these distractions to float by – to not knock us off center – we will experience a more peaceful, centered practice and life!

7. Please become familiar with our studio policies so you can have the best experience here at FreeSpirit Yoga!