Parent N Me Yoga

Babies and toddlers join in on this parent-child bonding time while Mom (or Dads) practice yoga.This class is designed to allow babies to join in on the yoga poses, bond with Mom or play at Mom’s side while she practices. Mom’s find this class beneficial as it gives them a much needed yoga practice, and it allows them to attend to their child’s needs whether to feed baby, hold baby or play with baby during class.  Additionally,  this is an opportunity for  Moms to meet other Moms with similar aged children, who also love yoga and create a supportive atmosphere. We do not strictly enforce an age limit. So come try the class and we will see how it goes.

Join Cassandra Vitale as she guides this fun, unique Parents n’ Me yoga class that truly makes a difference.  Cassandra has been teaching Parents n’ Me Yoga for over 9 years and loves interacting with both Mom, Dad and Baby.  She has been known to swoop up a baby or two who are extra-exploratory!  Cassandra also knows if Mom and Dad can get their yoga in, even if it means, just a few minutes of breathing, it brings more calmness and peace to the entire family.

We know that finding a babysitter, or coordinating schedules between parents can be a challenge.  FreeSpirit Yoga wants to support families in getting to yoga class as we know that yoga makes a difference and truly makes us better parents.