Seva Yo’ Soul

I am writing this post because today is “Giving Tuesday” a Global day of awareness dedicated to “giving.” Yes, we can give money to those in need – great cause; we can give away our old used stuff – sorta great cause (we don’t want it anyway); we can give a meal to a homeless person on the street – another great cause. However, I have found the most gratifying giving is when we give of our time and energy. Sacred Service – also known as “seva” (say-va) is work or volunteering that is done with no expectation of return or reward. In India, seva was believed to aid in one’s spiritual growth. I feel like seva is a dying practice, or maybe a it is a practice never really grown and cultivated in this country.  We live in this American society where “selfies” are more important than selfless service.The average American watches 5 hours of television PER DAY ( and plays video games 22 hours per week. “Where will I ever find time to volunteer my time?”

When one gives of their time and energy a few things happens to our well-being. 1.There is a growing body of evidence showing that service has positive health implications, including lowering blood pressure. 2. I find a true empathy and compassion for my fellow human beings. I get connected to the idea that we truly are one, and we can make a difference. 3. I can make a difference! Sometimes in the vastness of this Universe and the fastness of life, I wonder if I am truly making a difference. When I dedicate my time to helping another through sacred service, it is plainly evident that I, and everyone, can truly make a difference in this world. 4. Contentment:  Knowing that I am making a difference brings a gratitude to my heart that everything is going to be ok. Are these the reasons why I serve? Not necessarily,  they are more like the side effects of being of service.

My soul is filled to overflowing when I am practicing the art of Seva – selfless giving. I have a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. When my life isn’t about me and what I can get, and rather about what can I give, who can I serve and how can I make a difference…then I my Soul is Seva’d!