Violet Rangel

Violeta Isavel Rangel (aka Violet) is 200RYT Yoga Instructor. She was trained through Kava Yoga in Long Beach, CA.

As far back as she can remember she has been dimming the lights, burning incense and playing music to have some quiet time to herself and in touch with something deeper. But by 1997 she fell into a depression after having lost faith in a deeply legalistic religious system which she had been raised in that she felt created more separation than union with what she felt was a nagging Truth within her. Around that time she began to suffer from anxiety, stress and an overactive thyroid led to severe weight loss. In 2003 she discovered the healing benefits of breath and meditation work. And shortly after that she found a practice that seemed to combine everything she was learning and been searching for, a Path. Yoga. In 2007 a spark turned into a flame as she began practicing 4­5 times a week at local Southern California studios where she discovered a sense of inner power that she had never experience before. “I’d be in class… and I’d always doubted myself, but I’d hold poses longer than I thought I could by breathing and staying focused, it was a rush!”, As her body began to open up and become stronger than ever, her mind did too. This life changing time drew her closer to what she now lives for ­ sharing the tools that help us grow and stand strong in the face of life’s obstacles.

Her favorite teaching style is Vinyasa Flow as she says “it opens up the body without us even trying by linking breath to movement the practice becomes a moving meditation.” Her classes are fun, creative and alignment based with intelligently designed sequences that use movement which reinforce the body’s awareness getting it to open up in new ways. Always having a philosophical theme to broaden the students’ understanding of the 8 limbs of Yoga make the practice of Asana with Violet therapeutic and healing with focused intention and purpose ­ while playing funky eclectic music. Always encouraging authenticity and self­expression..

On her free time you can find Violet creating art, practicing Yoga wherever she can and reading. She admits that when it comes to Yoga and art she doesn’t mind geeking out for hours and when she needs to get out then she sets out for a hike or will go on long walks in alleyways. She says “It’s the simple things that rock my world like skating, dancing, riding vintage choppers, collecting found objects along my way and being with friends and family. Yeah.”