Violet Rangel

Violeta Isavel Rangel (aka Violet) is 200RYT Yoga Instructor.

Long Beach native, Violet Rangel, first came to yoga thru breath work and meditation techniques which she found were a natural remedy for bouts of anxiety and depression. In 2008 she went thru a shift in her personal life, at which point she took up yoga with instructors who guided her with moving meditations and asanas which offered strength and equanimity. After 5 years of profound healing experiences she was granted the opportunity to become certified as a yoga instructor.

Maintaining her practice inspires her classes with a simple and down to earth approach to integrate the practice of yoga into daily life. Taught with warmth, compassion and an open heart her classes are energetic, keeping the students attention focused mentally and physically with specific detail to alignment and subtle actions. Her creative nature and transformative flows take students thru a unique journey of self study and deep inner and outer healing.