Walking Through Change

When we begin our yoga practice, we go through physical, mental and sometimes spiritual changes. And as we are changing, so is our life …for the seemingly good….and the seemingly not so good. Challenges in our personal lives is a natural part of life. Coming to yoga class during these challenges can help provide insights and lessons on how to move through these challenges. One of my spiritual teachers, Michael Beckwith states;  “many people believe that a challenge-free life is a happy life. However, life, with its challenges, stimulates our growth and development…Challenges reveal our blind spots, the places where we are yet bound by our personality traits, and habitual thoughts of lack, limitation and so on. If you think you don’t have any problems, that there are no longer any inner valleys to forge, then although you may not have retired from life, you have retired from truly living. Being alive means welcoming the next challenge because you have discovered how this activates the evolutionary impulse to establish a higher vision for your life.”

So if you are feeling complacent and comfortable, living on the benefits of yesterdays yoga practice or meditation, step it up a little – take a different class or workshop– challenge yourself.  Stagnation and comfortability are a slow death. Change is the fertilizer for your spiritual growth. So when it comes..welcome it, bless it as your catalyst to the next level of consciousness and walk through it with a strong and regular yoga practice. You will be pleasantly surprised when you get to the other side.