Why Should I take a Workshop?

Do you ever wish you had just a couple more breaths in your favorite pose?  Ever wonder how that person gets up into their handstand? Are you in correct alignment in your Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)?

These are great reasons to take a workshop!!

Proper Alignment

Nothing is more important than proper alignment in your asana. It’s never a bad idea to attend a workshop for this purpose alone. With the extra time added into the class, there will be extra attention paid to doing it right and modifying if necessary. This is where the teacher will be a great benefit to the student;  it’s worth the time to learn the correct form and it’s helpful to know that if your body is not quite ready for the correct form, there are other, simple options that will ensure you receive the same great benefits

Advance Your Practice

Maybe you are an extremely busy person and already practice 5 days a week. This is exactly why a workshop is for you. This is a great opportunity to really hone in on specific postures that give you trouble or push a little harder to advance in a posture you’ve been practicing. Arm balances and inversion workshops are a great place for you to take the next step. Still not quite able to kick up into a handstand away from the wall? Why not put in the extra effort. You’ll learn new cues and tips for getting into poses you previously thought impossible.

Learn from the best

FreeSpirit Yoga has very knowledgeable teachers, many with advanced certifications. Taking classes from knowledgeable teachers is always a treat. Every teacher brings something different to the mat, and it’s always nice to get a fresh perspective.

Build community

FreeSpirit Yoga is all about building community. Workshops offer an opportunity to meet others with similar lifestyles and interests. Students who attend workshops are there to learn more about yoga too, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation – you already have one thing in common.

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